My career journey

AtDeskI embarked upon my professional path as a newspaper editor, writer and publisher. The latter title added another hat for me to wear: advertising sales and ad management. Though I have most often set up camp on my native ground, journalism, I have spun webs of words, graphics and web content in both directions: editorial and marketing.

I have produced magazines and maintained web content for private and non-profit enterprises using such tools as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, HTML, CSS, iMovie, SLR cameras (both digital and standard) and video cameras. I have used InFormz as well as WordPress to produce monthly e-newsletters and blogs.

Most recently I threw all of these implements of the trade into my bags, headed to the sub-tropics to work on a house our family owns, and embarked on an independent career of content delivery in the journalistic, informational and commercial sense of the term. I especially enjoy working environments in demand of communications initiatives that expand audience, membership, clientele or partnerships while encouraging team approaches and relationships on the way to accomplishing objectives and missions.




I write and post this weekly blog to complement the Mayfair Trust Company’s website and introduce Belize to visitors of the site who are thinking of moving to or exploring Belize.

13094194_10154266647300992_2140140368400117696_nFind It Games: I deliver content for both the website ( and social media (

Mtr04-13 1

I produced, managed, edited, procured ads and coordinated editorial schedules as well as themes for the bimonthly magazine, the Mountaineer, mailed to the passionate outdoor community of The Mountaineers and archived on the website below.

View samples of articles that I have written in the Mountaineer magazine: Everest50_articles

MtrsCourseGuide013 1

I wrote, edited and produced this annual insert and online document that guides the outdoor community to courses, seminars, workshops and activities offered by The Mountaineers.


mountaineers_annual_report_2011 (6) 1I edited content, formatted and selected images for The Mountaineers Annual Report.

mountaineers_annual_report_2011 (1)

Samples of my eBay content (Buyers’ Guides):


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